August 24

Roof Cleaning Best Practices

A house looks appealing to the eyes when cleaned and maintained well. Before stepping in into a bungalow, what our eyes witness first is the exterior of the house. We undoubtedly maintain the interior of our residences but somehow fail at beautifying the exterior infrastructure. The roof is the most difficult one amongst them. The roof helps in protecting the house against rough days of heavy rains and scotching heat of the summers. Protecting, cleaning and maintaining the roof not only makes the home exterior appealing but also lengthens the life expectancy of the roof.

The Impeccable Endurance of a Roof:

A high quality and well-maintained roof will last you for years without the need of getting it repaired nor replaced. It is an inevitable component of any bungalow or building. It safeguards the people dwelling within the infrastructure against harsh climates and rough winds. During heavy rains, a waterproof roof will give you a satisfaction of staying safe. But over the course of time, the roof ages as it is attacked by dirt, pollution, growth of algae and fungus. The metal gets oxidised and loses its endurance capacity. Roof cleaning can aid in reviving the thriving spirit of the roof.

Why Do We Require Roof Cleaning?

Roof cleaning is the phenomenon of clearing away dirt, dust and biomass that have collected above the roof surface. These gathered ingredients have the potency of interrupt and hinder with the life expectancy and endurance of the roof. Oxidation of the metal used for building the roof is yet another issue that can be resolved via roof cleaning. It up to you to decide whether to opt for professional roof cleaning help or do it yourself. Roof cleaning can be carried out once in a month to avoid saturation of such potent substances that hamper the abilities of the roof.

Methods You Can Rely on For A Fruitful Cleaning Endeavour:

As time passes by, algae, mould, mildew, lichen and moss start finding solace over our roofs. They usually grow in regions of the roof where adequate quantity of sunlight can’t find its way. Pollution is another cause of wildering away the strength of the roof. Certain chemicals that escape into the environment can corrode the metal making the roof porous and fragile.

The Chemistry Behind Protection of The Roof:

One of the easiest ways to clean the roof is by using bleach or sodium percarbonate solution to eliminate the formation of biomass over the roof’s surface and boost the lustre of the metal. At times the thin film of impurities formed on the surface of the roof hinder in the sunlight absorption stamina of the roof, thus holistically affecting the total absorption of the building. One can also opt for sodium hypochlorite mix i.e. the chlorine used in swimming pools to eradicate the formation of algae and fungus. One can install a couple of zinc strips on the epitome of the roof to avoid the formation of living organisms in the future. Zinc sulphate is yet another chemical that can be used once in a while of safeguarding the roof against algal and fungal attack.

Equipment to Boost the Roof Life Expectancy:

One can utilize an electric spray that is used in agriculture to shower ample water across the entire roof surface to clean it away in a single shot. This sprays flush water with a force strong enough to clear the surface of the roof and at the same time gentle enough to not cause any dent on the roof. This phenomenon of utilizing an agricultural spray is known as soft washing. It is great for cleaning the roof on a regular basis. One can also refill the spray with any typical chemical agent like bleach to kill the biomass formed on the roof’s surface. Sprayers don’t use a lot of pressure and the flow on the liquid is in a controlled manner. Don’t use equipment that function with a lot of pressure as it can cause a rupture into the roof leading to a permanent damage.

A pressure washer is another amazing device to terminate the dull look of your roof. It uses certain level of pressure and is great for using at intervals of 2 to 3 months. The amount of pressure used here is in a controlled and regulated format with the pressure not exceeding beyond a limit to hinder with the resistance of the roof. The pressure used can conveniently terminate a huge chunk of biomass and dirt. One can even use artificial intelligence if you have the money and a desire to splurge and get your roof cleaned through a well-mannered robot. You can also use a blower that comes in a vacuum cleaner to blow away the soot and dust that may get collected on the house’s roof.

Precautions to Be Taken into Consideration:

Make certain to work on a cloudy day rather than a sunny one. This will let you work for longer without perspiring. It is vital to cover your nose and mouth with a face mask to avoid inhaling the blown away dust from the surrounding air. Make sure that the surface you decide to stand on is steady and firm enough and capable to carry your weight throughout the entire cleaning session. If your roof consists of a deep slope, best is to avoid standing directly on the surface of the roof and support yourself through any external source for instance a ladder. There is particular requirement for you to clean your roof everyday or every week. You can opt for the cleaning endeavour when you witness an excessive growth of algae and fungus.


Roof cleaning can be converted into a fun filled family adventure time to decrease the burden and boredom of working alone. It is a constructive venture when you have that extra time to while away. It requires patience, diligence and a team effort to get the work done within a stipulated time period. But, the results shall be totally worth it.

February 15

How To Estimate The Cost Of Roof Replacement

roof repair

If your roof has to be replaced, you’re going to be paying quite a bit to replace it. Roofs aren’t cheap, and you’ll want to be aware of the costs you’re facing before you make any decisions. If you want to make sure you have a more accurate picture of potential costs, these are some of the things you’ll want to do.

  • Figure Out What Sort Of Material You’re Going To Be Using For Your Roof

The cost of a new roof can change dramatically based on the materials used for the roof. For example, asphalt shingles are one of the cheapest options available. If you choose something different, like a metal roof, you could wind up spending a lot more.

Before you’ll be able to estimate your costs with any level of accuracy, you’re going to want to decide on the material you want to use for your new roof. There are advantages and disadvantages to every roofing material. Do a little bit of research and decide what you would like to use.

  • Determine The Average Costs Of A New Roof In Your Area

The cost of living isn’t the same all over the country. What it costs to get a roof in one area may be a lot less than the cost in another area. That’s why you should try to find out what the typical costs for roof replacement in your area are.

Your location is going to have an impact on what you pay for your roof. That isn’t something that you should ignore. You should figure out what it usually costs for a roof in your area and decide what you would like to do next.

  • Call Local Roofing Companies And Ask For Estimates

Once you have a little bit more information about potential expenses, you’ll want to pick up your phone and start talking to some roofing companies near you. You should talk to them about your current roof and see if they can give you a quote for a replacement.

The quote that you receive might not be exact, but it will give you a good idea of what you can expect to pay. You may want to call a few local companies so that you can see where to get the best prices in your area.

  • Make Sure You Have A Complete Picture Of The Costs

You should be fully aware of all of the costs you’ll have to cover when your roof is replaced. You won’t just want to look at the costs of materials and labor; you’ll also want to think about things like the cost of disposing of your old roof. If you ignore potential expenses, you could be taken by surprise when you have to pay for your new roof.

How can you estimate the cost of roof replacement? While there’s no way to have an exact estimate of what your roof will cost you, you should be able to get a better idea of what you’ll have to pay for your roof. Be sure that you understand what you’ll have to pay for, and make sure you can afford the cost of your new roof.

February 13

Here’s How You Replace Damaged Or Missing Roof Shingles

precision roof repair Arlington

Roofing shingles do come off from time to time, whether due to inclement weather or just normal wear and tear. It’s a good idea to be on the lookout for those missing shingles and also damaged shingles that need to be removed and replaced. They aren’t always easy to spot, but there are certain warning signs. These warning signs can alert you to roof damage, and you can make the decision about whether to replace shingles yourself or have roofers do the work for you.

Knowing more about what the process entails can also help you make the best decision. If the damaged shingles are still in place, you need to first take them off of course. To do that, you carefully remove them above the patch, which means you go up two rows. It is important to mention that when removing shingles that are still in place, you have to be extremely careful that you don’t damage other shingles.

You must also raise those roofing nails. You can use either a nail puller or a screwdriver, whichever you prefer. When you place new shingles, you’re always going to start at the bottom. You also want to make sure you overlap the shingle that is below the one you’re placing. You’re essentially following the line and pattern.

Next, you want to be sure that you have galvanized nails on hand. You’re going to be using those to nail the new shingles in place. Let’s say that the old holes can’t be used. In that case, you’re going to create new ones, but there is something you want to do first. What you need to do is fill the old holes with roofing cement. So you’re going to need that roofing cement on hand, too.

Why couldn’t you just leave the holes since the shingles will be covering them? Well, doing so still leaves your roof vulnerable to water seeping in, and you don’t want that to happen. Now, as you place the new shingles and you get to the last one up top, you’re going to be cutting the nail strip off on top. To do that, what you use is a utility knife.

You’re then going to apply roofing cement to the back of this shingle. You need to slip the shingle underneath the shingle up top, putting it in place. You also want to press firmly. You don’t want to replace roofing shingles on a really cold day if at all possible. You should instead do the work when it’s warmer.

You also want to be sure that you stay safe. You don’t want to do anything that is going to put you in harm’s way. Considering all the tools and supplies you need, you might want to just outsource the work to the professionals, It’s understandable if you want to do the work yourself though. Just always make safety a priority, and be sure you have all the tools and supplies necessary to get the job done.

February 13

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